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-40% Sleepfree Set Removes mites & prevents them from reappearing for 6 months

sleepfree Anti-mite set - for home and on the road

Medical scientists indicate allergy sufferers to avoid allergens as possible, which is not quiet easy. With the new sleepfree set it becomes possible: at home and on the road! During holidays, in the hotel room, on the boat/yacht, in the caravan and car and many more, this set assures a allergy free surrounding and breathable air, especially for getting a good night sleep. Allergy prevention is a serious and important topic, in particular for children.

    Removes dust mites from mattresses and many more. Spray works immediately and lasts for 6 months, scientifically proven.

      • worldwide novelty!
      • patented vibra-tool
      • sleepfree anti-mite spray with 6 months longterm effect against dust mites
      • Set contains: 1 vibra-tool, 1 bottle sleepfree anti-mite spray (500 ml/for 4 single mattresses)
      • 8 sets/box
      • Art.No. SF V1


      Sleepfree Set Removes mites & prevents them from reappearing for 6 months

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