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Clinex Nanochem Grill, Cleaning liquid for grills and ovens, 1L, 5L

Very strong agent for the automatic removal of burnt- -on fat and smoke. It perfectly removes burnt-on grease and dirt from all types of alkali-resistant surfaces and

objects. It perfectly dissolves and removes even the most burnt-on food remnants. It does not cause damage to enamel surfaces.  It can beused in the “active foam” technology.

Product for professional use. Agent intended for effective cleaning of : 

  • grills
  • ovens
  • barbecues
  • grates
  • hot plates
  • gas cookers
  • frying pans
  • smoke chambers


Always use on cold ovens and grates.

  • Shake before use.
  • Apply the undiluted product evenly onto the surface.
  • Wait about 1 minute until the dissolution of dirt and
  • then rinse the surface thoroughly with water.
  • After the use, dry the spray nozzle with a paper towel.
  • Tip : the liquid is converted into foam once sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned. If you purchase the 5-liter package, it is necessary to use a spray container to apply the product or obtain the Grill 1Lt that has a nozzle.
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Clinex Nanochem Grill, Cleaning liquid for grills and ovens, 1L, 5L

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